Chaos Theory – a play seeking order April 18 – May 17




When her lover disappears, Frannie sinks into a pajamas-only depression.  Her friends try to distract her with a book on chaos theory…little knowing they’re headed down a slippery path through enticing alternate realities.  Does this Machine they’re building actually work, or are they luring each other into collective delusions of wish-fulfillment?  Is life better with a laugh-track?  And what if these seductive changes bring about the end of the world?  Featuring Evelyn DeHais, Keiko Green, Drew Highlands, and Jana Hutchison.

April 18 – May 17 at Annex Theatre (Tickets)

Production Team 

Stage Manager – Kaeline Kine
Scenic/Props Designer – Robin Macarteny
Costume Designer – Amy Escobar
Lighting Designer – Gwyn Skone
Sound Designer – Kyle Thompson
The Machine Designer – Emily Sershon
Production Manager – Catherine Blake Smith
Technical Directors – Ian Johnston, Emily Sershon
Graphic Design – Ash Williamson
French Dialect Coach – Evelyn Dehais


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