Updates from the Whiskey Bar

I was trying to come up with a metaphor for how busy I’ve been but the only ones I came up with were bee or beaver related, and who needs more beaver references? (I love beaver! Okay that’s it. I’ll stop.) Over the past four months I’ve closed Buckshot, cast and had the first read-through of Chaos Theory, a play seeking order with Annex Theatre, had The Inevitable End of Christmas Present produced and directed by Rachel Delmar at Playing in Progress SnowGlobed, participated as a virgin playwright in 14/48 The World’s Quickest Theatre Festival, and I can finally announce that I’ll have a piece in On The BoardsNorthwest New Works Festival 2014. I’m ready for a nap. Or, drink more whiskey. One of the two.


On the accolades front, WRECKED season two was nominated for Best Writing in Comedy Series (as well as six other awards) by the Indie Series Awards. It’s also an official selection for LA Web Series Festival and HollyWeb Festival. These festivals and awards ceremonies are happening in the spring, right around the same time everything else I’m doing is going on, so if you have the money to fly down to LA and live tweet it for me, that’d be great. I’m so proud that WRECKED is selected alongside so many other amazing series, like Husbands and Out with Dad. While I share a writing credit on many of the episodes of WRECKED season two, the episode Kitchen Sink is all mine. You should watch it.

About Woman #4 at NWNW: I know several talented women in Seattle. Not least of them is Erin Pike. A few months ago, shortly after writing this about Sugar Daddies, Erin and I met up for a drinks to talk about a collaboration. She wanted to look at the depiction of female characters in contemporary theatre. Spoiler alert – when they aren’t being under-represented or entirely omitted, they tend to be shells of characters. They ask questions. They back up other statements. They worry about their weight. They sometimes have opinions. It’s not all damning. But there’s definitely a lot of room for improvement with the portrayal of women (not just in theatre, btw, but that’s what we’re looking at specifically). When she decided she wanted to submit it for NWNW, we  cut the sample of plays down the most produced plays in the past year. We’re using this list from TCG. The piece for the festival will be a one woman show, 20 minutes long, and constructed entirely from the dialogue spoken by women in these plays. To paraphrase the director of the piece, Katherine Karaus about all three of us working together, it’s likely going to be the most misogynistic collaboration ever. We’ll see. We’ll see.

UPDATE: WOMAN #4 IS NOW (FANFARE):  That’sWhatSheSaid. 

chaos theory

About Chaos Theory, a play seeking order: Chaos Theory will feature the amazing talents of Keiko Green, Evelyn Dehais, Drew Highlands, and Jana Hutchison directed by Annex Theatre Artistic Director Pamala Mijatov. The design crew includes some of the most amazing artists in town including Robin Macartney, Gwyn Skone, Amy Escobar, and Kyle Thompson. The images on the right are samples of potential PR images so it might change. Here’s a wonderful synopsis (I hate writing them – this one was written by Annex PR peeps and it’s delightful):

When her lover disappears, Frannie and her friends seek solace in a book about chaos theory that leads them to build a machine that might take them into other dimensions—but instead they fall into different realities and just might bring about the end of the world. Featuring Evelyn DeHais, Keiko Green, Drew Highlands, and Jana Hutchison.

(It is in no way affiliated with Team of Heroes but there’s been some confusion since a character in Team of Heroes was called Chaos Theory.)

About 14/48 The World’s Quickest Theatre Festival: I felt touched (slightly inappropriately but in a good way) at being invited to participate as a virgin playwright in 14/48 at ACT Theatre in January. 14/48 was one of the first performances I saw when I moved to Seattle several years ago. Sometimes looking like it’s more fun to participate in than to watch (I can now safely say that having done it) the experience was highly rewarding and one that I hope to do again. Writing two 10 minute plays over the course of 48 hours, working with two different directors, and seven different actors, not to mention a slew of talented musicians, and designers, I felt incredibly humbled. My buddy, Catherine Blake Smith summed up her experience as an audience member for both nights here.

While all of this was happening, The Sunbreak.com, my critic home took a hiatus or hibernation, depending on who you ask. The maintaining of The Sunbreak is incredibly difficult, time consuming, and not exactly lucrative, but as far as an arts resource in Seattle it’s top notch. As of this writing, I’ve been told that it will make reappearance in the next month or so (awesome), but sadly, I think my time with them is over. I’ve reached a point where it’s hard to see a show that I know no one involved. I’ve shared too many drinks with too many artists to continue at The Sunbreak. (Though if you buy me a whiskey you’re more than welcome to get a theatre rant from me.) While I still hope that the big houses start to produce more plays by local playwrights, take risks, and stop focusing on the plight of middle/upper class white guy, I don’t think I’ll be voicing them at The Sunbreak. I do believe there are reasons to hope, though.

Seattle Rep produced Bo-Nita last year by Elizabeth Heffron, a local playwright (who’s balla), and it was incredible, not least of which because of Hannah Mootz. ACT continues to open its doors wider to the community for projects like Seattle VICE and riskier endeavors in their CHL spaces. Though its mainstage is still lacking in richer work, I hope that they start to take risks in the years ahead. Balagan too, is getting larger, and starting to focus on Seattle original musicals. In the mean time, my heart lies with the fringe theatres (lies like a trampy mcproud slut) because they are unafraid, boldly soliciting work from local artists that speaks to where we are now, not where we were three years ago in New York.

Last, but not least, a big thank you to my good friend, Tom Fucoloro. My site had been down for eight months due to an update issue with WordPress. He fixed it. Thank you, Tom!

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