Everything Happened Last Night

I’m not kidding. Everything happened last night (June 9th), if you’re a writer named Courtney Meaker, which, hey I am.

BUCKSHOT workshop reading at Seattle Creative Art Space

First and foremost my play BUCKSHOT had its second public reading. The reading was directed by Peggy Gannon and featured an amazing cast: Katie Driscoll, Allison Strickland, Pilar O’Connell, Sarah Rose Nottingham, Carter Rodriguez, Daniel Wood, and Santino Garcia. The public reading was the necessary next step in the workshop process. The feedback I received was not only incredibly helpful, but picked out things that I hadn’t realized were in the play, which is always exciting. Working with Peggy Gannon and this cast also provided a very teasing glimmer of what the full production might look like. In short, I think the production will be fantastic, but I’m biased. Back to rewriting and nailing down a space for the fall!

BUCKSHOT will be produced by Macha Monkey this fall. 

Chaos Theory a play seeking order announced as part of Annex Theatre‘s 2014 season

Because I was at the reading for BUCKSHOT, I was not able to attend Annex Theatre’s season announcement party (which was zoo burlesque themed, because they are awesome folks). I pitched my play Chaos Theory, a play seeking order to them for next season back in May. Pamala Mijatov, Artistic Director of Annex, will be directing. To describe the dancing that occurred after I heard this news would teeter between 80s dance and strip club, so let’s just say that I’m really excited to work with Pamala, and that I need to take a dance class to learn some new moves.

The official announcement will come out this fall, but after the season preview party, we were allowed to tell folks publicly.

Chaos Theory will be produced at Annex Theatre in April of 2014. 

WRECKED Season Two, Episode Five “Kitchen Sink”

And lastly, the episode that I wrote for WRECKED Season Two premiered at midnight last night. “Kitchen Sink” has been titled many different things since I wrote it in December. The first name I gave the episode was “Sexy Fun Times” because the episode is about the sexy night of our heroes. On set, shorthand for the episode was “Sexisode.” But then Liz Ellis, the creator of WRECKED, asked me a few weeks ago what I wanted to call the episode now. “Kitchen Sink” is a reference to a cut line. I had written Maggie or Ted saying something sad about how kitchen sink sex probably wasn’t the answer to their issue. It was the final nail in the coffin – realizing that they probably aren’t right for each other any more. The episode is hysterical and sad, if I do say so myself, and can be watched as a standalone.

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