Sweet Nothing: a (grim) fairytale Opens Tonight

For the past three months I have had the pleasure of working on an amazing new play for Macha Monkey Productions. Sweet Nothing: a (grim) fairytale written by the talented Stephanie Timm is the story of three sisters in a rape and pillaged land trying to survive.

For the play I was initially a workshop dramaturg, and though I continued to do research throughout the rehearsal process, my focus shifted to assistant directing the fierce Laurel Pilar Garcia. Our collection of artists for this production have been phenomenal. The play looks haunting and is at times surprisingly humorous.

As the process unfolded we encountered several interesting challenges including how to make humans appear and act like crows and wolves without looking silly; how quickly could we chain a very tall man to a short chair; make Seattle in June feel like a frozen wasteland; understand what it means to feel starvation; and various pronunciations and iterations of anatomy. In short, we’ve had a very fun time rehearsing a dark show.

We are performing at Annex Theatre every Friday and Saturday through June 23rd. Tickets are going fast, so get them soon!

From the press release:

Macha Monkey is proud to present the Northwest premiere of Stephanie Timm’s Sweet Nothing, a (grim) fairytale at Annex Theatre’s space in June 2012. Sweet Nothing explores the repercussions of violence and war through a fairytale lens. Once upon a time in a raped and pillaged land, the youngest of three sisters weds herself to a man she’s never met who lives across the sea. When the next youngest is offered a similar promise of living happily ever after, she discovers that hope might just be her worst enemy.

Sweet Nothing CAST:

Monica Finney: Iris
Libby Barnard: Lily
Samantha Leeds: Violet
Quinn Armstrong: Woodsboy
Jason SharpWolf

Sweet Nothing CREATIVE TEAM:

Stephanie TimmPlaywright
Laurel Pilar Garcia: Director
Courtney Meaker: Assistant Director
Catrina Vroman: Stage Manager
Juliet Waller Pruzan: Movement
Stephen Scheide: Fight Choreography
Montana Tippett: Set Design
Joseph Swartz: Sound Design
Danny Fisher-BrunsLight Design
Kelsey McCornack: Costume Design
Alexis Holzer and Kristina Sutherland: Production Management
Seayoung Yim: Assistant Stage Management

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