Fear and Queer with Cherdonna and Lou

In terms of Seattle theatre, I try to adhere to two rules: 1) I never waste my time with a show that adds nothing to the current cultural mythology (see: Neil Simon), and 2) I never miss an opportunity to see queer performance.

Lucky for me, I attended the one night only show of Cherdonna and Lou‘s out out there (A Whole Night Lost) at Velocity Dance Center, which satisfied both.

Working from the concept of fear (and using a Friday the 13th performance to their advantage) Jody Kuehner and Ricki Mason (Cherdonna and Lou, respectively) created a genre-mixed gang bang that simultaneously terrified and tickled. Dressed in their typical drag personas and monster masks, and at one point, performing nude, they melted elements of Hollywood horror and atypical fears with dance, humor, politics, and queer theory (Yes, I’m about to stand on my “Queer performance theory is awesome” soapbox, see below) for one truly incredible night of performance.

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