Apocalypse Soon opens tomorrow at Ghost Light Theatricals

Tomorrow night by show, Apocalypse Soon opens at Ghost Light Theatricals as part of Battle of the Bards. In short, the show is about the end of the world. Here’s the full blurb:

Religious figures throughout a variety of texts and oral traditions come together for a three day reunion to plan the apocalypse and decide who’s saved. Surfacing issues like hope, salvation, choice, whiskey, and acoustic music the characters try to resolve their angst before destroying the world.

Featuring Eve, The Serpent, Lucifer, Jesus, Pele, Mother, Anansi, Buddha, and Orpheus and clocking in at around 25 minutes, there’s a whole lot of awesome crammed into a tiny play.

Here’s a wee excerpt from the text:

Do you remember the beginning?
You’re sitting in the tree. And you say-
“I’d tap that fruit.”

Apocalypse Soon is a part of Ghost Light Theatricals Battle of the Bards VI and will  perform alongside new works Mack the Knife and Paper Bullets, which are adaptations of Macbeth and Much Ado About Nothing, respectively. Battle of the Bards is a fundraiser for Ghost Light Theatricals which is how they finance a lot of their budget for the next season. The audience (or, anyone really) will vote for the show of their choice with their money ($1 per vote) and the winner will be able to put on a full-length production of that work in the next season.

If you’re interested in seeing it, there will be a few tickets available at the door if you get there when the box office opens around 6:30.

If you can’t make it though, you can vote for the show of your choice here. Support local theatre in Seattle, and hell, support me! Apocalypse Soon is a ridiculous romp through the minds of religious characters trying to figure out who deserves salvation.

And if you’re truly desperate for news about who’s winning, Ghost Light’s Managing Director will be blogging the whole thing.

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