Peregrine Sonata January 13th – 15th

I recently worked with Amanda Aikman on her new play Peregrine Sonata. The show opens in two weeks and here’s her press release about the play. It promises to be awesome. Hope to see you there!

This is an unabashed request to ask you to consider coming to see my play, “The Peregrine Sonata.”

It’s being produced by the Driftwood Players in Edmonds.

There are just four performances, January 13-15.

I know you’re busy.  So here are the top 6 reasons for you to call (425) 774-9600 now to reserve your tickets:

§  CHOSEN:  The play was selected to be Driftwood’s “Spotlight on a Local Playwright” production for 2012.  It has been developed in multiple rewrites and readings for a whole year.

§  LIMITED:  This is your only­ chance to see it.  No videos.  No repeats.

§  ELECTRIC:  Funny, dramatic, fast-moving, high-stakes.  The thrill of live performance.

§  TALENTED:  A great director, Doug Staley, and an energetic young cast.

§  GORGEOUS:  Film composer Mason Kaye has composed glorious music for the play.

§  INSPIRING:  A thoughtful theme that you may well find relevant to your life.

Please see for photos and a tiny bit more information.

Thanks so much.  I sure hope to see you at one of the performances!

Cheers, Amanda

P.S.  Three more reasons:

§  Lots of great restaurants nearby in Edmonds.

§  Tickets are only $12.

§  The audience will definitely be full of fun people


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  1. I hope Amanda will change her mind about not making a video of the play. I am having some medical issues and can't go out to see the play. It sounds so inspirational. I am sure I am not the only person who is unable to attend the play, but would gladly buy a video of it.

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