Auditions announced for Apocalypse Soon.

Auditions for a 20 minute play Apocalypse Soon.

Casting for 3 F, 3 M and 3 non-gender specific characters.

Date and Time of Auditions: Dec. 5th and 6th after 6pm.

Email to schedule an audition slot.

About the play:
Apocalypse Soon. Religious figures throughout a variety of texts and oral traditions come together for a three day reunion to plan the apocalypse and decide who’s saved. Surfacing issues like hope, salvation, choice, whiskey, and acoustic music the characters try to resolve their angst before destroying the world.

This is for Battle of the Bards which is Ghost Light Theatrical’s annual fundraiser. There will be two other plays performing as well. Audience members vote with money for the play they would like to see a full production of in Ghost Light’s next season.

Would like a variety of ethnicity’s including (but not limited to) African American, Pacific Islander, Asian, Arab, and Indian.

Ages open.

Cast includes:
Lucifer – M. skeezy, yet charming man
Eve – F. academic activist
Mother – F. warrior turned battle medic
Pele – F. volcano goddess
Anansi – non-specific. CEO Anansi, Inc. Children’s books publisher
Buddha – non-specific. meditative monk turned camp counselor
Orpheus – M. grunge northwest guitarist
The Serpent – non-specific. bartender
Jesus – M. AA sponsor

Audition will consist of cold readings
1 – 2 short monologues and
1 – 2 short scenes (depending on how many people are available at the time you attend)

Headshot/resume not required but if you have them, bring them. If you don’t have a headshot, I may take a blurry picture of you with my phone. I apologize in advance.

Actors need to be able to commit to 20 hours of rehearsals, plus two hours of tech, one dress rehearsal, and two performances.

Tech in the evening on Jan 24th and Jan 25th. Dress on the 26th. Final performance on the 27th and 28th.

Rehearsals will be scheduled between Jan 5th to Jan 23rd (but, only 20 hours). Rehearsals will be held some time after 6pm M – Th with possible afternoon rehearsal on a Saturday or Sunday depending on schedules.

This is an ensemble piece so actors with minimal conflicts preferred. However, I’m willing to work around schedules where possible.

Compensation: This project is a part of Ghost Light’s Battle of the Bards fundraiser so it is volunteer. The process will be fun and collaborative. Free food and drinks will also be provided at the two performances. Repeat: Free food AND drinks.

To schedule a slot email me: If you can’t make it on these dates email me with times you are available and I will make time to see you. If you would like to read the play beforehand, I can send you a copy.

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