New project – Peregrine Sonata

A new dramaturgy project has crossed my path titled Peregrine Sonata. I’ll be working with local playwright Amanda Aikman on her new play which will premiere at Wade James Theater with the Driftwood Players in Edmonds as part of their Spotlight a Local Playwright program. Here’s an excerpt from the site:

Five very different women struggle through their work, passions, and art to create a better world. Like most people, they wonder whether their efforts are in vain. Through glimpses of dramatic turning points in their lives, three interwoven plays show how a 19-year-old bike messenger, a middle-aged physician, two rival war correspondents, and a gifted young composer create far-reaching consequences of which they are completely unaware. Realistic and affirming, “Peregrine” is an eye-opener for all of us.

I’m very excited to work on the project which will open in mid-January.

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