Vengeance at Sundown announced

I have recently signed on to dramaturg for Ghost Light Theatrical’s new adaptation of Revenger’s Tragedy, aptly re-titled Vengeance Sundown. Our production re-imagines the classic tongue-in-cheek Jacobean satire into a 1950s style horror movie full of glorious amounts of camp and carnage.

Director Beth Raas-Bergquist and I will be working together again. I also have the opportunity to work with the talented playwrights Ben Newton and David van Wert who write for Ghost Lite – the late-night series that creates satiric interpretation of productions currently on Ghost Light’s classics-focused stage.

Thus far, the research I have collected has been a mixture of the culture history of horror and significance of the revenge drama on the Renaissance stage. I will share interesting tid-bits in the weeks to come.

Our first design meeting is August 2nd, rehearsals start the first week of September, and the play will open in October.

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